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Short update ahead. Week two has finally started! Enjoy.

Tl;dr- Yay money!

She had an awful pregnancy. She puked probably twice a day, poor girl.

Baby time!

Oh boy. And again, I forgot to take pictures of the babies. One girl named Christina and one boy named Tobias.

Baylor moves in, since a working mom with two babies isn't something I was looking forward to, or could even do without the social worker getting angry.

Hey Janelle!

Jem drops by. THREE BOLTS. They have THREE BOLTS.

Birthday time

Don't look so excited, Ariette.

Tobias. He's a cutie.

Christina. Also cute.

He's such a good dad :/ It makes me feel guilty for what I'm going to do.

But these two are so perfect!!

She's so adorable.

I couldn't bring myself to have her cheat on him right in front of him. But Baylor-Ariette only had one bolt, and Jem-Ariette had three. Three!

I think I made the right decision. 

Birth. Control. Please.


I love love love these tables.


Kitty: I'm not enjoying this one bit.

I tried. I really tried to have Jem move in later on Sunday to help with the age differences, but I caved. There were too many collapses by Ariette and too many notices that the kids were starving, so she needed help. So hey Jem!

And that's it for this update. Thanks for reading!

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