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This is all they do. For hours

Knox: Finally! I win!

Archie: I really hate gardening

That's beautiful, Knox.
Knox: Shut up.

Oh hey preggo Brielle!

Jayden Manis drops by too.

Nope, no plans here!

*whistles innocently*

See? Archie swooped in just in time. 

These two are so adorable

Crowd: Awwwww

Already, guys?

Since Baylor is already best friends with Ariette, I decided to just have Baylor maximize mechanical
so that we can have electronics.

And he does!


Cooking, I think.

So, I sort of forgot that I needed to make Knox a werewolf. Oopsies. Well here he is now! 

He looks good as a werewolf. 

Oh hey Ariette.


And that's where the week ended. So thanks for reading!

Missed an update?


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