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Two updates in one day?! It's been a boring day, so this won't be a normal thing. But here's the next
update of week one, the Chance family.

They decided to start out their time by breaking in the new bed...

Phoenix, it's generally frowned upon to watch women in their underwear through windows. Even if it's your wife.

Again guys?


Oh, look! A house tour out of no where.

Phoenix is trying to maximize his mechanical so that we're one step closer to having electricity!

Random stats.

Told you it was a bad idea.


Oh no.

Brielle has been selling art to make money, since neither can get a job.

Autumn stops by just to read the paper, then leaves. Like twice a day.

Oh! I forgot! So, Brielle is a witch. And this is her ~layer~.

Just to show the second pop.

I love this book case!

First child born in Willow Lake! Welcome Ky! He has his father's skintone and eyes and his mother's hair.

This pretty much sums up their life.

He maxed mechanical!!

Lucien walks by.

Lovely, dear.

Ky as a toddler! He's not super adorable, but he's not hideous. We'll see.

And that's all! Thank you so much for reading. See you next time!

Missed an update?
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