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Obligatory house tour ahead.

Cassia. I love this cat, just to warn you. I probably took way too many pictures of her during this update.

Getting to know each other!

This is pretty much all Autumn and Lucien did...the entire time.

Ariette has a surprise for everyone!

Awww :(

Yay! She got lucky and found it the first day!

Starting her garden. Here's hoping she has a green thumb!

Maybe she does.

She doesn't need to yet, but she knows she will need to stack up that Charisma skill.

And, of course, logic.

She makes the funniest faces when she plays.

This is all the cat does! Whenever I look over at her, this is what she's doing! Chasing the little sparkles. I have other toys for her, but no. She plays with the sparkles.

Oh hey Autumn!

She's so cute.

Oh hey Pheonix! 

They have two bolts, but he's married to Brielle, so not happening!


Baylor dropped by :)

Oh yay!

From all this, you would guess they have more than one bolt. But nope!

I heard the song!

They really do act like more than a one-bolters.

But that's it for this time! Thanks for reading!

Missed an update?
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