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3 Sims

Mar. 4th, 2012 03:57 pm
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The three sims from the last post up for download. Enjoy.
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Not much to say about these guys...spawn from the face template by fantasyrogue. Credit to her! Enjoy y'all.

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I got that pretty new face template from MTS here and decided to test it out!  And then, I wanted to see how dominant the ears are, and to see how cute they looked on children!  Of course, knowing me, I went slightly overboard.  I made the father, named Armageddon.  I also had a face one, s1, light blue eyes, blonde girl breed with Armageddon.  Ten times.  I actually really like my result.



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OH! and I townify/geneticize my stuff. Warning darlings.
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My most favorite born in-game sim ever!  I just think she's so pretty.  I have sooo many legacies started with her.  Actually, she was born as a third generation heir in one legacy (that i gave up on...).  But i love her!

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