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After a very crazy schedule that i wasn't expecting to begin the school year, life is finally calming down. I also had time to fix my computer! I just reset it back a year and wha-la! So yeah. I was feeling in a decorating mood, weirdly enough, so I have pretty pictures of a house to show you!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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I've really enjoyed just playing the game lately. I would start posting a legacy, but that probably wouldn't go well. I'd forget or stop playing. I can almost never make it past the first few generations. But, I did have fun taking a bunch of pictures last time i loaded my game. This is second generation of kids between racing-oatmeal's Barney Merrygold and an edit of my Harrison. I think the kids are adorable.

Isn't she cute?!

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I took some Sims 3 pictures! I love the facial expressions.  They're worth the money i paid for the game (which wasn't was the last one available at amazon).  Im still attempting to figure out the game.  I think I'll get back to Sims 2.  Maybe.  If I get bored of Sims 3.

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Warning- pictures are pretty big :)


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