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I took some Sims 3 pictures! I love the facial expressions.  They're worth the money i paid for the game (which wasn't was the last one available at amazon).  Im still attempting to figure out the game.  I think I'll get back to Sims 2.  Maybe.  If I get bored of Sims 3.

Follow me to pictures! )

Warning- pictures are pretty big :)


May. 27th, 2011 09:04 pm
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I decided to get addicted to this once my summer starts (which is soon).  I'm gonna figure out how to get sims uploaded.  I've decided my hair projects might not be worth all the trouble...because if you haven't figured out I'm quite slow with figuring this out.  Also, I got Sims 3!  I'll share some pretty photos soon.  I'm still kinda figuring all this out.  I can't drag myself to load Sims 2 to take pictures of all the pretty sims I've made, and then figure out how to upload them.  Sims 2 takes me about an hour to load, while Sims 3 takes about 3 minutes at most.  Fun times. 


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