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As I have no school for the next two weeks, I'll be sure to flood your friends' page with more pictures than you could want. I was also thinking about starting a BACC after Christmas. Anyways, pictures:

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I have spiral staircases in all my houses just for this interaction.  I love it! Mostly because I know I would do the exact same thing if I had those staircases in my house.  

Also, if I wanted to open the sims in a window, how would I do that?  I remember there's a way to have it open in a window, I just can't remember how!
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Sooo I guess I've changed back to Sims 3.  Bleh.  Not happy with it, desperately miss my sims 2, but not up for fixing the computer right now, what with everything going on in my life.  School, marching band, and violin all are a little much.  SO not much sims time anyways!  But the one thing making sims 3 SOMEWHAT bearable is the gorgeous quality.  I'm sort of in love with the quality of the scenery and the people and such.  I normally just sit there drooling and stuff.  So put up with enjoy some pictures!

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I've really enjoyed just playing the game lately. I would start posting a legacy, but that probably wouldn't go well. I'd forget or stop playing. I can almost never make it past the first few generations. But, I did have fun taking a bunch of pictures last time i loaded my game. This is second generation of kids between racing-oatmeal's Barney Merrygold and an edit of my Harrison. I think the kids are adorable.

Isn't she cute?!

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