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Yay food!

You look like you're having fun there, Autumn.

House tour! Autumn's room


Living room

Jem's room

Teeny tiny bathroom


Butterflies are just amazing.

Baby time!

Always scares me when I pick this, but it makes me more fun.

No pictures of the baby I guess. Oops. Sorry. But it was a little girl named Angela.

Not even a day later. Seriously?

Sparkly food!

Birthday time for Angela!

She's cute! Brown hair, green eyes. Her cheeks are slightly weird-looking, but she's adorable.

Pop! 2

Jem became a plantsim! 

Baby time again!

Same genetics as her sister. Little girl named Tris.

Angela spam! She's too adorable.

Birthday time for both Tris and Angela!

Clone of her sister.

Angela all grown up! She's adorable.

That's it for this update. Thanks for reading!

Missed an update?
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