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These two are obsessed with the ballet barre

Janelle is stuck on gardening duty. 

These two. So. Cute.

I could make a joke. But I'll let you guys come up with your own.

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be doing this, because now the ages will be messed up. Oops.

Cleaning! These two sisters are so obsessed with cleaning. I love it! The house is never a mess.

Archie fits right in.

Stuff happens.

Woo! Yay Archie! Maybe we'll actually have food in the house now.

Or maybe not.


What happened to super-clean Archie?!

Sparkly food!

Firefly catching is not one of Jayden's strong points.

Pop! Number 2

More stuff.

The garden is actually doing well. Mine normally don't do well at all, so this is a pleasant surprise.

Baby time!

It's a little girl named Margaret. Brown hair like her father, gray eyes like her mother.

And that's where the week ends! Thanks for reading.

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